WOWFACTORE IS A DESIGN COMPANY. We design events, retail spaces, floral installations, overall experience concepts 
and anything else you can think up for us to leave our mark on. WE'RE ROOTED IN RETAIL. We understand what it takes to make any event HAPPEN and POP—from the high notes to the bottom line. 
Over twenty years of working professionally across the United States has given us an edge over our competition, 
locally and nationally. We know and have exactly what it takes to help you bring that vision in your head to life 
and WOW your guests. NOW BACK AT HOME. After leaving our most recent location (a ten-year stint in New York City), we’ve returned to our roots on the fertile plains of Nebraska and we couldn’t be happier! From the friendly faces to the endless, open sky, 
we see nothing but boundless opportunities for bringing our clients’ dreams to life. SOUND DYNAMIC? We are. Don’t let that intimidate you - we’re also very flexible and we love working with clients! 
We’ll communicate, listen, analyze, cooperate and synthesize your ideas, needs, concerns and hopes into 
top-notch solutions and experiences that exceed everyone’s expectations, on both sides of the table. BUT TALK IS CHEAP. And that's something any true midwesterner knows—so take a look around our site and see what we can do for you. 
Then give us a call at 917.450.9386 and we’ll set up a time to meet in person.


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